10ft cable Rotary Steering System Helm Bezel Cable FUDU-7C with Plastic Steering Wheel

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Length/Size: 10ft

-Kits include: wheel,cable, helm, bezel, hardware and instructions

Bezel kit is a plastic part along with related hardware which is mounted between the steering wheel and dash board to cover the helm hardware/
Bezel made from Engineering Plastic
Black and white color available as standard options
90 degree and 20 degree tilt options

The Steering Cable is a push pull mechanical cable which convents the rotary motion of the helm to linear motion at the engine/rudder.One end of the cable is connected to the helm & the end to the rudder.

Output ends made of 316 Stainless Steel
Maximum Trave:9inch(225mm)
Minimum bend radius:8 inch (200mm)
Maximum working load at Tiller end:5000N
Cable Outer Diameter:16.5mm
Spiral inner cable Diameter:8mm


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