Dual Channel NMEA2000 Converter 0-190 ohm to 18 Sensors can be Collected CX5003 Multifunction NMEA 2000 Signal Converter Parts

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Brand Name: ZMFJH
Measuring Range: NMEA 2000
Sensor Type: Magnetic Induction
Type: Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Placement: In Air Filter
Hysteresis: Dual NMEA2000 converter
Linear: FIve Way
Resolution: Double head line
Repeatability: Converter
Style: D
Sensitivity: CX5003/CX5005/CX5010
Item Name: NMEA2000 Converter/N2K Converter
Feature: IP-67 Waterproof
Type: signal transfer converter
converte: Dual NMEA2000 converter
Oil pressure: 10~184ohm(0~10bar)
Temperature: 301~22ohm(40~ 120'C)
Rudder: 0~1 90ohm
Fuel level: 0~ 190ohm
Freshwater level: 0~1 90ohm
Wastewater level: 0~1 90ohm

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